Greeting from Artistic Director

Artistic Director

Tetsuya Kumakawa

Ballet combines all the arts. It includes human body art, literature, music and painting. Establishing a form is not an overnight proposition, but follows a long profound tradition of the greatest heritage from the past. As recent globalization expands, Ballet is acknowledged as a worldwide and borderless art. However, to establish the ballet art here in Japan, it is our ultimate responsibility that we encourage and promote ballet to become accessible and appreciated by more people.

Since K-BALLET COMPANY was founded in 1999, the company has given more than 50 performances a season. I believe that the company has continuously cultivated and developed.We have enjoyed rapturous receptions from our audiences, seen by over 100,000 people per year. Creating a new professional environment allows dancers to fully exploit their talents, and it is impossible to imagine how K-BALLET COMPANY’s repertory would look today without changing the aged-old customs. We would like to dedicate ourselves to producing even more successful seasons for people who support future ballet arts.

I am thrilled that we can celebrate the Company’s 15thanniversary and have a wonderful opportunity to look back on all that has been achieved. We will continue to contribute to the arts promotion and focus on the future of K-BALLET COMPANY with renewed passion and pride to uphold the traditions of the arts